Darby Hewes
Board of Directors

24155 Comegys Bight Lane
Chestertown, MD USA


Horses have been my passion from an early age. I saw my first fjord when I was researching small draft breeds for my husband who was looking for a carriage horse. Immediately, I found that not only were these sturdy horses versatile and willing, but they were dearly loved by their people. Initially, I found that a suitable pony would, therefore, be difficult to locate. On a trip to Acadia, Maine, I met our first fjords and knew there was no turning back from these unique equines. Fjords are a rare breed, so I knew I would have to travel to obtain a trained and mature fjord for my husband. I took to the internet and found our first Fjord, Norona, four states away. I jumped on a plane, rest is history. Since that time, we have owned and trained six fjords and have shared two of those with others. Norona is currently working as a therapy horse at a friendís farm. Finn is currently in training as a carriage horse. Karison is my husbandís pride and joy and his main carriage horse whom he trained from a green three-year-old. I currently promote my beautiful grey gelding, Skogen, on the dressage circuit in and around Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. He is now one of the leading Norwegian Fjords in the Nation doing Dressage as well as placing in the top 1/3 of all horses competing. Since we began with the breed, I now recognize many other fjord enthusiasts around the country. I have contacted and developed friendships with other fjord owners and recognize their fjords competing around the country. I have seen a marked increase in fjord activity and interest on the East Coast and do my best to represent and promote the breed whenever possible.