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6 Horses By ARIN H-I60
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Name NFHR # Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
RIKA 19960680NL KATRIEN K-141 M Brown Dun 1996-01-01 Breeder Not On File Breeder Not On File 1
SILAIKA H-97-0058 H-K-1781-M BLAIKA H-B16 M Brown Dun 1997-04-05 W.H. DERKS CINDY & MIKE BICKMAN
Photo Available SELLIE H-970064 H-K-1549-M DIRNA H-D210 M Brown Dun 1997-04-13 W.H. DERKS ROBIN MCCLANNAHAN 1
Photo Available TASJA H-980047 H-L-1631-M DIRNA H-D210 M Brown Dun 1998-04-07 W.H. DERKS S ARNOLD ZIMMERMAN IV
Photo Available TESKE H-980045 H-L-2135-M ELLA H-E164 M Brown Dun 1998-06-04 W.H. DERKS LIBBY OR BRIAN GOLDMAN
TASJA H-980416 H-L-1814-M HEIKE H-81 M Brown Dun 1998-09-05 J.EN F. DINNISSEN ALEXANDRA M GROHSMEYER 2

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