Beth German
Board of Directors

Bosque Farms, NM 87068


I have been a passionate fjord horse owner since the fall of 2003. I am an adult amateur rider, mainly in dressage, and currently own 3 fjord mares. I previously served two terms on the NFHR Board, from approximately 2009 to 2016.

Nothing makes me happier than being with Fjords and Fjord people, working with and learning about the wonderful breed. The evaluation program and other educational events are one of the things that sets us apart from breed clubs or associations. Various disciplines have associations, but our registry is specifically designed to promote the fjord in all disciplines. The first NFHR evaluation I attended was in Libby, Montana, when I was a brand new fjord owner. l was amazed by the horses, the education received, and most of a11, by the welcoming community of fjord horse owners. After that I participated in two evaluations, both in Colorado, and volunteered at evaluations in Montana and Califomia. I have watched the annual Fjord evaluation in Eid, Norway. Each evaluation left me hungry for more knowledge, and eager to spread the word. I also had the incredible experience of being part of the ground crew for the fjords in the 2014 Rose Parade.

The Bylaws of the NFHR clearly state its purpose. I believe that the Board's role is to facilitate and support each of the five objectives. Maintaining the Registry is paramount - the NFHR should be proud of how well maintained ours is. There is no comparison to the friendly, professional service given to NFHR members. The education mission is crucial - toward that end, I think it is important for the registry to support and promote the evaluation program. The NFHR evaluators and a handful of other long time fjord owners -with their own areas of expertise have donated a huge of amount of time to revamp the evaluation program over the past few years, and have conducted one evaluation under the revised program. I would like the BoD to facilitate the continued development of the program as recommended by the evaluators and their committee, and to share the information learned at each evaluation with the membership. The Fjord Herald is tremendous promotional tool. Our horses speak for themselves in accomplishing the third and fourth objectives of the NFHR - encouraging the use and breeding of fjords as a versatile horse for all people, and undertaking activities to increase awareness of the breed. We need to promote and support opportunities for participation of fjord horses in all types of equine activities, throughout this continent. The last objective - raising funds to accomplish the first four goals is the most challenging. Many of the events of the past few years could not have been predicted. I think we owe it to our fjords and fjord loving colleagues to do what we can to help the NFHR.

Thank you for this opportunity to be on the Board to help the NFHR fulfill its missions, and to take action to make the Registry sustainable. I am a life member who will pay dues to assist in this endeavor.