Bonnie Morris
Board of Directors

Auburn, WA
(253) 939-5660

I met my first Fjord horse in 2004 and got hooked. I have sense started a breeding program and have produced over 30 foals. I have 2 stallions Ironwood Lordalen and Kervan Farms Norik . I own and operate a horse stable and training barn since 1997 and do it full time. I have hosted warmblood evaluations . I have shown horses in Dressage, driving, English, Western, showmanship, trail. I have attended and participated in several Fjord evaluations . I have also participated at the International Fjord show every year since 2006. I have a vast knowledge of pedigrees and movement and confor- mation. I use 10 of my Fjords in my program daily for riding instruction and trail rides . My goals for the Fjord's have always been to improve the quality of the breed and educate everyone I come into contact about them. My interest in becoming a part of the NFHR team is to improve the Fjord relations and community in as positive a way as possible for the preservation and promotion of the Fjord breed. I am very business minded and level headed . What I would bring to the BOD would be an open mind, rational conversations and thoughts, good communication and listening skills with an em- phasis on what is the best path forward our wonderful breed . Given the recent upset with the BOD I would promote everyone working together including those that don't like each other as we are all in this for the love of a horse and I believe we can forgive and set aside our differences to better ourselves and the horses we all love. While I am a very busy person, I have decided that the Fjjord horses need me also in a different capacity , so I am running for a BOD position. I also breed and Show AKC Bernese Mt dogs. Norwegian Fjords and Berners a perfect combination.