Jim Raabe
Board of Directors

217 Smith Road
Boyers, PA USA


I first started into horse in 2000 and what a journey it’s been. I never wanted to get horses but my wife wanted to get back into them. We started looking for a fjord in 2000 we ended up waiting till January of 2001. In January, we purchased our first mare LFF Vonda then shortly followed by Roslyn. Most people pick their horse, in my case the horse picked me. Roslyn was only a few month old when I first met her she proceeded to follow me around with her head in the swell of my back. That sealed the deal she was coming home with me. With having the girls, I had to start learning about horses since I had no prior knowledge. Our kids used the girls in 4H and as I learned more about the fjord breed I decided it was time to go to a Fjord horse show. So, it was off to the 2008 Finger Lakes Fjord Horse show. With this being my first interaction with the fjord community I made some lifelong friends and even served on Finger Lakes Fjord Horse show committee for a few years and have attended many more fjords shows, and evaluations. 2010 I was asked to help promote the Fjord breed with the Mid Atlantic Fjord Horse group at a major horse expo and have done so for the many years. Roslyn and I have done many trail rides over the years along with being Sheriff’s Posse members. I have had many different titles over the years from being a self-employed business owner, to being a facilities manager for a government contractor. My most recent title is project manager for an electrical company working all over the United States. My wife Terri and I currently have 4 fjord mares 1 fjord gelding and 2 grade rescue mares on our Raven Ridge Fjord horse farm in Boyers Pa.