Jo Wilgus
Secretary, Board of Directors

120 Private Road 2658
Walnut Springs, TX 76690 USA


I have owned Fjords for the past 20 years. For me the Norwegian Fjord Horse fits every need a horse owner could want. My membership is up to date and has always been so. I am able to attend the face to face once a year without it being a financial burden. I am retired . In past years I have not been available to be of service to the breed or its members. Oh, I have posted photos of my involvement with our Fjords and all the activities we enjoy with them. Regn and Ivar are quite popular wherever we go. I feel we are great ambassadors for this breed.

Some of my strong characteristics are: being responsible, friendly, love of the breed, upbeat, easy to communicate with, working for the good of all. Willing to learn and take advice. I really do love life. Having Fjords are part of the reason.