Sara Jongsma
Board of Directors

Tipton, CA


I have been a member of the NFHR since January 2013 when I purchased my first Fjord. Since then I have served on a number of committees and have been the Advertising Coordinator for the NFHR for the past 3 years. I also create the stallion posters that can be found on the NFHR website. I grew up in the city where we boarded our family horse (a racing quarter horse) at a stable that was down the street from both Disneyland and Angels Stadium. I got to meet many different breeds of horses growing up and only about 2-3 of them were fjords. After I graduated high school I purchased my first horse, a Kiger Mustang. I spent a short time working at Disneyland with their draft horses and knew I had found my equine match. A number of years later I was finally in a position to purchase another horse and decided that I wanted it to be a draft. Being pregnant with my second child I decided to scale back from a full size draft horse and instead to purchase a "mini draft horse". That is when I landed on the Norwegian Fjord Horse. I have never looked back from that day. I ride and do mostly cattle work on a family members ranch, but drive some as well and have dabbled in draft work. A few years ago I bred my first Fjord and am so happy to be able to raise my children alongside my fjords. I currently own 3 Fjords and am expecting another foal in the spring. I hope that my background as well as my ability to think with an open mind will be well used on this Board for the benefit of the members.