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Dear NFHR members and fellow Fjord enthusiasts,

We published the 2020 Spring Herald in a different format. The Herald Committee and the Board of Directors had strategic discussions about the current situation (pandemic) and how to be viable for the future. After much deliberation and determining what is best for the Registry and our members, we decided to produce the 2020 Spring Herald in an online format. This is a one-time only change and we believe this will allow us to be financially responsible to support future Heralds.

Please enjoy the 2020 Spring issue! You will notice we can offer features, such as live hyperlinks, which we are not able to offer it in a printed version. A special thank you also goes out to all the ad supporters. You made this issue extra special with your support. We returned to the standard print format for the 2020 Summer issue and on.

NFHR Board of Directors and
NFHR Herald Committee

[ Click Here ] to download the 58.3MB .pdf for Issue #134 - Spring Herald 2020
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